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Forskningsbeprövad levande jäst med probiotisk effekt.

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Saracen PRO-YEAST is a research-proven, live yeast additive that provides a probiotic effect. This supplement will help to optimize fibre digestion, nutrient, and energy utilization. It is suitable for all types of horses and ponies and is particularly useful for performance horses to help maintain optimal microbial health whilst supporting and maintaining a normal hindgut environment and stable hindgut pH.


Maintaining hindgut health is vital as horses rely on energy production through the fermentation of fibre in
the hindgut. To maximise energy extraction from fibre a symbiotic relationship with the hindgut
microorganisms needs to be achieved.

These microorganisms require an anaerobic (without oxygen) environment with a pH of 6.5‐7 to thrive
and when the environment is not at these ideal conditions, this can have a detrimental effect on health
and performance.

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